What are 'approved' users in an exported user list

We implemented a Drupal single-sign-on protocol recently. Since then we have had nearly 300 new users added, presumably through the Drupal single sign on, though it is not clear if they are members of our organization.

When I created an exported user list there is a column called ‘approved’ which is TRUE for nearly all our members and FALSE for the ~ 300 users added through the SSO.

What is an ‘approved’ user? It doesn’t seem to match up with anything I can see in the user admin pages.

This looks like something the developer who implemented the SSO code will need to look at, but I’m not sure what to tell him to look for.

This is from the must approve users admin setting:

This will send them to the Review Queue on signup, and then an extra field appears in the /admin/users page:

In the settings, we are not requiring approval. Here’s the permissions section for one of the recent additions:

This may just be an issue with the Drupal SSO tool we’re using, which doesn’t seem to be under active development.

Checking the email of that user record, it does match up with a Drupal member record, so this is almost definitely an issue with the Drupal SSO code.

I’ll have to contact the programmer who implemented this for us to see what can be done with the SSO code or some kind of independent workaround.