What can user groups be used for?

Hi everyone,

I understand that I can create user groups and configure the visibility and the access of this group. Can these users then have an internal private communication thread?

Is there an overview for which purposes the user groups can be used?

We are looking for a solution to allow users to communicate with the administrator outside our public categories and topics.

Thanks a million :slight_smile:

Hello there @roemer!

Yes they can. You will have to create a category and then select the group to create/reply/see

This is explained by the link below

Groups can be used for a wide range of things from generally sorting users to to category security levels etc.


Hello @roemer

Yes. Either using group messages or private categories only accessible by the group members.

To better understand group messages, see Group mentions and messages

To set up private categories, see How to use category security settings to create private categories

I will link to 2 topics where these has been discussed.


Thank you @ondrej & @osioke, this is SO helpful. I already came accross the private category but somehow I cannot add the user group to a new category. It does not display in the drop down menu. Maybe it is something due to our settings? I may find out once I read through your valuables sources


Often you just need to re-load the page from the browser window. Some changes (like a new group) are not being updated when you navigate within Discourse only.

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