What do you all call your Discourse forum?

Hi Mike thanks for the input. To be more specific my site aimed at the student community. The main site will be Wordpress and our discourse will be subdomain. But the whole domain going to be branded as a ‘student community’. For discourse, I personally prefer the title community to forum but something feels wrong to create a sub section titled Community when I am promoting the whole site as a community. It’s different if my site was about a product or service.

OP has the same issue with me


ah ok - then community is an odd one.

Personally haven’t tried this - but others have used things like ‘thelounge’ or ‘giant-sofa’.

or even something like ‘fireside’. To reflect your vision of the mood you want to encourage…

so maybe think of a theme e.g the beach, camping, cafe and pick something from there?


I want to learn more about this but don’t want to derail the thread. Would you mind starting a new topic about this integration? I’d love to know how this works and imagine it could be applicable to others.


Yes! A key part of our work is mobilizing community and accelerating a movement for youth power. I love thinking about our online space as a space to join that movement (thank you for the nudge) but the forum is not the movement itself, so yes to movement as framing, no to movement as a name.


@debryc, any poll updates?

I did also think of two other possibilities…

…but it might be too late. :grin:


I call my discourse instance ‘fansite’……simply and indeed it’s a fansite :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally, community is the best word for discourse I have seen.

In fact, some of the biggest Discourse and most successful forums are called this:



We happen to be having a related discussion on our site now. We are in the process of merging with another org, and our current site name is a play on words that no longer applies.

Our previous name has anchored the discussion a bit with folks chiming in with other names that are new plays on new words.

I really enjoyed the name we had, but I also have felt like it has been an impediment in some ways for getting others more involved in determining the direction of our site, so here’s a recent comment that resonates with me personally, now:

It’s Discourse. Please call it Discourse. In the time we’ve spent debating cute names we probably could have relaunched as simply (and clearly and inclusively and discoverable and Google-able ) Discourse and used our energy inviting everybody to the party. Also, clearly labeling it Discourse lets people easily research and learn more. Does [Foo]Talk have plugins? No. Does Discourse? Yes.


I would call my Discourse forum “Communicating app” since discourse is about sharing ideas through your interests or by creating topics in threads. For example, if you want to know how to write responses for a file, you could just post a discussion question and see what replies you get.

Up until a couple of years ago there was a forum (and company) called Tomnod. The word in Mongolian means “Big Eye” because that’s what the people considered a satellite in orbit to be… a “big eye” that sees all the Earth. The company used crowdsourcing to go over satellite photographs for different campaigns: tag seals, map wildfire damage, flood damage, as well as many other campaigns. The name for your forum should reflect what the objective of the forum is or what you hope for it to accomplish. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in your own language, although that helps. Best thing is: keep it short. The longer the name, the harder to remember. Just don’t get caught up in the rut of trying to come up with a “catchy” name. Keep the name related to your purpose. :wink:


sorry Deborah, been away and just caught this. Will start a topic over the weekend if I get a chance.


see Coupling Discourse with Chat and Cloud - community - Discourse Meta


Report Back: We went with “Youth Power Hub”! It’s on brand, easy to remember, and understandable.


Excellent choice! That rates a “10” for all three categories. :+1:


Have you considered maybe calling a Subsection " Quorum"?

Synod and Symposium also have niceties.