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Everyone everywhere is looking for community. Sometimes community is found in person. Other times it’s found elsewhere. One of the most prominent alternative places to find community is online. So what is an online community? Let’s find out!

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The whole subject is new to me and I guess I need extra support as I still don’t know if I am a part of the community or not

Please, help


Hello @Othman_tork, welcome to the community! :smiley:

Whether you are speaking of this forum - Meta - or another one, once you join you are part of that community. How much you engage in will help you get more comfortable posting and replying to people. If you find you can help something with a problem, by all means suggest something.

While many/most of what is on here on Meta is “technical,” many posts are not. You can find a good number of topics in the Community category. You can find that by clicking on the hamburger menu between the search icon and your avatar at the upper right. Then click on Community.

The best way to get a feel for a forum is to check out topics in different categories.

If you have a specific problem you can post it in an existing topic about your problem or start a new topic for it.

Again, welcome to the community.