What is the best method of running another Rails app on the same server as Discourse?

I have a Discourse instance running at something like “forum.mysite.com” and want to run a much smaller rails app on the same server at “mysite.com”. Considering the current installation instructions for Ubuntu—which I followed exactly, except that my install is not at /var/www/discourse, but is in the discourse user’s home directory—what is the best method for running another rails app alongside Discourse?

I don’t know, and am wondering the same thing.

My situation is I set up an instance on a Digital Ocean Droplet, and I’m wondering how much more I could run on that same droplet.

Our docker based setup is totally isolated, run and extra nginx in front and distribute the traffic however you wish, note you will need lots of memory keep an eye on that.

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For what we do at http://www.discourse.org @pa5tabear we use static HTML, no Rails. If you want a really basic set of landing pages like what we have, then that’s all you need.

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Okay cool.

So any advice on creating some beautiful like what you have? Did you guys start from the ground up?

Is there a “Discourse” for HTML/CSS templates that I should know about? :smile: