What is the recommended practice for WordPress and Discourse on the same server?

I know a lot of Discourse users are using WordPress as their blog/CMS, so I’m hoping for some knowledge & experience exchange.

I’m trying to ascertain if there is some kind of recommended practice for running WordPress and Discourse on the same (Dockerized) server. I doubt this mini-how-to is still relevant.

Why are we on a single (dedicated) server?
As an open source project we got ourselves free dedicated hosting with plenty of power to accommodate both WordPress and Discourse.

What’s the problem?
Running WordPress in a Docker container was more difficult than we anticipated (for reasons which I can hopefully elaborate on later). We ended up running WordPress outside of Docker, but because of Docker & Discourse’s presence, this proved difficult as well.

All very vague, I know, but it’s exactly because our setup ended up being quite non-standard that I haven’t been able to wrap my head around it yet.

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We may recommend WordPress in Docker but only because it will familiarize you with how Discourse runs in Docker, too. What exactly is the problem? This is extremely vague.


I’ll try get more info.

It’s not so much a problem I need solving though. This is just a small knowledge-quest. If someone’s been in a similar situation and came up with a set-up they’re happy with, do share. If I come up empty, no biggie.

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I think that the only thing non-typical with Wordpress would be that you should use the nginx php runner instead of Apache. (This also gives you a central location for rules that would go into .htaccess files.)

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This topic can (also) be closed in favour of the canonical answer here:

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