What is the Timing of Formal Discourse REST API?


I want to contract with a developer to develop an app for my web site (android and iphone) that will include integrated access to my forums (with inapp message notifications).

One developer I’m talking to has conveyed this “There’s currently no official REST api for Discourse. It looks like it is still under development and there is poor or no documentation at all. As a consequence, the API might be buggy and lacking at this stage.”

Can anyone update me on the status, timing and plan for an official REST API for Discourse?


There is an official REST API, look here for instructions

I think he’s asking if there is a date where we will commit to no breakage/removal of endpoints? Similar to Go 1.0.

Yeah we have an API but it is not documented and we haven’t made any guarantees to its stability.

Having said that the vast majority of API calls you could make like to fetch a topic or topic list are very stable and haven’t changed in a really long time.

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Thanks Robin - thats what I was looking for. If I stop updating the version of Discourse on my server - I should also be safe too. Then I could test our client software on a different server with latest Discourse before I update it on our server.

Does that sound like the safest approach to this?

Right that would be relatively safe. I’ll always recommend updating to our stable releases though as they often contain security fixes.