What plugins do you use - and why?


I’m curious what plugins established Discourse forum owners are using - and why. It’d be interesting to understand not only what plugin(s) you use, but what purpose you use it for. Hopefully this sparks some new ideas for everyone.


I really like the plugin: Static Pages Plugin (dl-static-pages)

But for my needs no need to install separate plugin. I created a test plugin that will add what you need for your site.

This plugin is not used on the website, I did it to show the implementation of several pages.

And display topics from: /top/monthly.json

Example: demo 1 and demo 2

The code can be viewed here:

Sometimes the website just needs a separate page with its design, etc.

Data Explorer Plugin

This plugin is simply necessary to get different data for use in their work.



I use and translate to spanish only official plugins with the hope they will be part of core soon :blush:

Right now, I’m using:

  • Data Explorer, because if you do care your community, you will need more info about it :+1:
    Check this data explorer repo for more custom queries.
  • Discourse Solved, because every support site must use it: :white_check_mark:
  • Advertising Plugin for Discourse, because my forum needs ads for live too :stuck_out_tongue: