What sets suppress_welcome_message for SSO logins

So for some users login in via SSO they are getting the ‘welcome_message’ each time they login. I think that it has something to do with

What I can not figure out is what should be setting ‘suppress_welcome_message’ It is possible that I have something setup incorrectly about the accounts that is causing this but I can not see what controls the value of suppress_welcome_message

I believe this is passed to DiscourseAPI - so wherever that is being called, the query param suppress_welcome_message needs to be set to true. I’ll try to find a practical example for you.

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That’s actually a method call, I believe.

We can see here that it’s one of the SSO payload fields:


Hmm ok have added that to my cas_sso implementation and set it as false. I will see what the effected user experience.

That said can you think of any reason that some people would keep getting the new user message and others would not?