What value to use as poll name when running report manually

Hey, i got a question in regard to the implemented “Poll results report” which is one of the standard queries.

It asks me to put in a “Poll_name” and a “Post_ID”.
While i can imagine the post id, i do not know where to find the “Poll-name”. Afaik this is not a standard field that you get in the Poll builder (Which would be Poll_type and others, but not Poll_name)

Can anyone help me out here?

Hi @Phylo_IF :slight_smile:

That report is the one that runs when you press ‘Export’ from the poll itself.

If you’d like to run it manually you can grab the post_id from the json of the post the poll is in, and the name would default to ‘poll’ if there’s only one poll in that post (if you have multiple they default to ‘poll1’, ‘poll2’, etc, though you can type a more descriptive replacement into the composer when creating them if you wish).

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