What would you like to see on your Discourse 2.0 Admin Dashboard?

Looks like I had it but didn’t even realize it was there. I’m not very good writing SQL. Has anyone posted a simple query to pull daily details for the 25ish stat categories that are displayed on the admin dashboard?


Not certain - but I’d check out What cool data explorer queries have you come up with? to get some ideas where to start.


I’m a SQL newbie as well and was a bit intimidated by Data Explorer at first but it’s super cool, there’s a side panel reference where you can browse all the data tables / column names, and one click export.

Also that thread @jomaxro linked has a ton of great examples. Someone (I forget who but I think it’s in that thread somewhere) even made a github repo collecting all the queries in one place, super easy to copy paste and test them all to play around w/ it :slight_smile:


And it’s read only, so no matter how stupid your query is, you can’t really hurt anything.


I’d love to see stats on replies made by email - count, trend, and as a percentage of total posts.

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I recently created a thread on this actually :rofl:

I’d love to have more out-of-the-box metrics about our users (# interactions, replies, messages, reply times, etc).

These are super helpful in customer-centric organizations.

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Yup, coming soon to admin dashboard 2.0


Be good to add an optional trend line to all existing graphs where it makes sense.


Or to have it as a checkbox to display one or not.


I like the way Grytics lays it out…

  • the ability to export everything in csv to generate reports or nice pdf to bring to a quick meeting.
  • I really like the way they show the top performers so you know who your most valuable contributors are at a glance.
  • I like to see the top conversations in a specific time period so you know what content really connects with your audience
  • The number of “active members”
  • I like how they lay it out pretty simple, but allow you to click-through each metric to dive deeper.

Basically, everything they show is very helpful and informative for someone focusing on growing a community


I think a good metric would be the number of unique contributors.

I’ve been working up a localhost PHP script that works with the Users CSV export file.

One thing that I think has potential wide spread usefulness is what I’m calling “longevity” or “retention”. So far it:

  • tests for the existence of created_at and last_seen_at
  • converts created_at to timestamp
  • converts last_seen_at to timestamp
  • subtracts created_at from last_seen_at
  • switch-case increments year+, year, month, week, day, hour betweens and less than hour counts

So far it is only an overall “snapshot” and isn’t intervals, but nonetheless gives interesting results.


I may have missed a comment about this, but here goes. While I realize I can get some similar data from my analytics, the following would be great to be able to access from the admin dashboard.

Under the “Top Traffic Sources” and “Top Referrers” section, it would be great if you could click to see what topics are having the highest traffic for that given point or month. It would also be great to be able to see a longitudinal history (longer than 30 days) for those two sections as well.

Any news or prototype of the dashboard? :slight_smile:

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Sure. Here is a hifi prototype that @awesomerobot did of my initial design.
@joffreyjaffeux is currently working on a v1 which will be shipped with the 2.0 release.

That may mean that not everything you see here will be included in the first instance but we’ll iterate.
Also note that there will be a separate moderation dashboard in the future.


This is a fantastic start @awesomerobot / @HAWK / @joffreyjaffeux I am assuming most of the above metrics will be available for non-hosted, except for obvious ones of course

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Yup, that’s the plan. And thanks.

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New dashboard looks great - I like the format for the community health metrics, as those charts show a lot more detail than just “up” or “down” from a previous period.

Including a section for data queries is also great. Does Discourse ship with any pre-loaded queries in Data Explorer? It looks like it should be a great way of helping CMs to start exploring their forum data, as I’m guessing that many people don’t venture into the plugins area very often.


Not at the moment but I like this idea.
Impt to note that DE isn’t available on Standard hosted plans we we need to figure out how that looks.


Is it possible to add a hook which identifies if the plugin is installed (for self-hosted) and loads it on the dashboard? In addition those preloaded queries would be great to include the queries for those graphs