What's the best name for "off-topic" category?

Did you create a special category for off-topic discussions, and how did you name it?

Funny enough: Offtopic

I’m asking because in Russian and Ukrainian there are quite a few names for this. I thought same goes for English, no?

Well, in danish I could have choosen a danish name, but all danes would understand: offtopic - as long as you can add a description to your cat. I did so


I always preferred “Other”. I think it’s even more universally understandable than my 2nd pick, “General Discussion”, and also shorter. You’ll see other pop up many other places, e.g. multiple-choice surveys.

I’m not a big fan of “off topic”. At least on a place like Meta, our #uncategorized discussion is not off topic per se. We don’t condone off-topic discussion here: You’re only allowed to talk about your favourite dog breed if it is somehow connected to your use of Discourse. So our #uncategorized category is for all those other topics that don’t quite fit into any of our standard categories.


I think that adding a description of your cat to an off topic category would be hilarious.

Off topic: my cat fluffy is gray and loves chicken.


yours too… what a small world…