When a Wiki Post is edited then have problems maintaining the correct width on mobile devices

Tested using an Huawei P10 Lite and Chrome

Examples of affected topics:

I tried to edit a wiki topic that had never been modified and that was displayed correctly by clicking the green pencil, immediately after the fake change made (I changed a letter) the layout on mobile broke: What is a onebox?

This topic has the correct layout instead, even if it has just been modified Contributor Interviews – Jay Pfaffman

I am able to break the layout by entering at least:

  • some code ([code][/code] or 4 spaces)
  • a onebox
  • quotes
  • a table

PS. sorry Jay! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This has got to be some missing CSS rule limiting width of the modal cc @awesomerobot


Pushed some fixes:


  • The modal container/controls shouldn’t overflow anymore on mobile devices, but in some instances the content will (wide tables and code blocks with long unbroken strings). I could force tables and code blocks to break words and wrap, but it feels better to preserve the structure and scroll horizontally.

  • I also updated it so the history modal will resize to portrait tablet resolutions, previously we were at a fixed 960px width.