When bulk inviting users to a group, user profile settings do not reflect the fact that the are part of that group

When manualy trying to add them to that custom group (because you think something went wrong, an error occurs and a fatal error is seen in the logs.

So seemingly users are being added to the group, they also have access, only the profile settings do not correctly reflect the fact that they have been succesfully added to the group.


also reported via @bobmcneel we should get it fixed

@techAPJ can you add to your list

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I just tested this on my dev env and I am unable to repro this.

I invited a user via bulk invite feature and specified group beta to be added by default. When the user redeemed that invite, I can see that he has been added to beta group.

User profile page:

Admin user page:

Admin group page:

Can you provide a screenshot for this? Along with repro steps.

the error is, try adding a user that already exists in the group, no message is displayed saying it is already in the group.

Use CSV to invite user to specific group and topic:


“14” is the specific topic that I am inviting them to.

The results are that you can see that they are added in the admin group page, but not in de admin user page and neither in their profile:

Fixed via



@sam just fixed this.