Where can i find a good theme?

I am new to discourse but have been developing in rails since forever.
Where can I find a good theme for Discourse? Is there a showcase?

They all seem to be very similar to one another. I am looking to develop a Fashion forum.

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You can find community created themes in #theme

There are themes that are full fledged standalone units and there are theme components that are like add ons to augment the theme.


I went through the list. They all look pretty much similar. We should have like a top 10 themes category. Would be nice to develop something different that won’t break during updates. I could change the core but don’t think it’s a bright idea.

Did you have a look at https://theme-creator.discourse.org/?

Also, looking for a “good” theme doesn’t really say what you’re looking for. Lots of people think that the default theme is “good.” If it weren’t, then, it would get changed in core.