Where can I find basic (user) documentation for Discourse?


A project I’m involved in uses Discourse for its forum. Generally it’s very intuitive and I like it a lot. I am wondering though how a few things work. But I can’t seem to find any basic documentation on Discourse.

When starting a new thread here, the following is suggested:
Before asking, did you search first? Press 🔍 at the upper right to search.

But on a forum with over 13k threads (impressive number, btw) it isn’t quite easy to find the right information (as I might be using the wrong search terms). I would rather just browse a (modest) catalogue with information.

Searching for how a feature works (through my favourite search engine), I ended up on

  • the blog
  • the API documentation
  • the feature list on the website for Discourse’s commercial branch

Neither of which was of any help.

Am I correct to conclude there is no documentation? Could it be considered to add such documentation?

Yeah, I had the same feeling when searching for something recently, that this forum was the only real documentation and bug tracker but it’s too unstructured to be useful and it’s not clear from a Google results page that it’s authoritative.

you could always head over to Docs - Discourse Meta

It’s a bit more structured or even ask and the community will answer.

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Depending on what info you’re looking for, the New User Guide is a good start: