Where to change the no-access message


Hi, where can I change the “You don’t have access” message?
And can I stick a link in there - so that people can sign up for access?



Customize > Text Content > js.topic.invalid_access.description


Thanks Mike.

Is there any way to actually change that page? I’d love to include a link.

In the present set up they’ll just have to copy-paste, which is better than nothing, but it would be great if I could turn it into a bit of a sales page.

Any thoughts? Or simply not possible?


(Robert McIntosh) #4

If you go to the link that @mikechristopher has pointed to you can click ‘edit’ to change that text to be anything you like (as you can with any other text on the site in the same way)

To add a link, use Markdown as on the rest of the site.

For example, the first line of the @Discobot welcome message is written like this:

- I’m only a robot, but [our friendly staff](/about) are also here to help if you need to reach a person.


Thanks so much, Robert, I had no idea I could do that!

**** goes off to happily insert link ****



Not sure where my use of Markdown is off… any ideas?



(Robert McIntosh) #9

Sorry about that - it is not your text, it appears to be the code of the page

In some cases, the text is delivered in a way that does not allow for markdown. It is possible that using standard HTML will work in some cases, but it appears that this may not work on this specific occasion either.

I apologise for misleading you here, but this is something you might try in other places of your forum


okay, well that’s just bad luck then.
thanks anyway, Robert!