Where to set login.crowd.name for crowd login account creation?


I’ve got a working discourse-crowd set up, but when a new discourse account is being created after a successful crowd login (for the first time), I see the message:

Your email has been authenticated by [en_GB.login.crowd.name]

in the “Welcome! Let’s create your account” pop-up that appears next.

I can’t for the life of me find where to set login.crowd.name! Any pointers much appreciated.

[ I realise this might be something that is supposed to come from the Crowd server, but it isn’t and I don’t have enough admin rights to check. ]


Hi Ben - thanks for reporting this. I just pushed a fix to the plugin which adds the missing translation string. Once you’ve updated, you’ll be able to edit it in the admin panel by following these instruction: Customize all text in Discourse


Great, Thank you @david , quick response and fix much appreciated! (and thanks for the plugin too).
Confirming that’s fixed it for us.

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