Which forum members create the most work for staff?

Feature suggestion: Monitor which forum members create the most moderation / administrative work for staff. This could be achieved by counting the number of “Staff contacts made” eg:

  • Flags approved about their posts.
  • Official warnings
  • Suspensions
  • Threads that had to be moved to correct category
  • Threads renamed by staff
  • Threads / posts removed
  • Censored words used
  • Threads that had to be merged into another thread by staff.

Each time a task like this is completed by staff, it could increment the users “Staff Contact” score. Staff could then view / report on that score to gain visibility of the number of staff contacts made for that user today, this week, ever, etc.

Use cases:

  1. Forum staff periodically review a Staff Contact score report to determine which individuals are creating the most “noise” and consuming the most time for staff, to enable corrective action to be taken, which could range from a PM guiding the user, up to suspension depending on the seriousness.

  2. The total of all members “Staff Contact” scores could be referenced as indicators of overall moderation workload trends over time.

  3. Forum staff can view a specific users Staff Contact score on the users admin page, to factor this into any decision making about how to moderate.


You can already do this – check the user profile when logged in as staff and you’ll see a count of flags placed, posts flagged, deleted posts, suspensions, and warnings

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160 deleted posts and 5 suspensions. Seems like a swell guy!

The data you’ve shown above is informative & useful - but it relates to one user. It could potentially be taken a step further, to collate these values across all users. I suspect most forum operators really care about how much time is spent on administrative / moderation tasks, so the ability to report and rank overall user contacts would be useful.

“Hey look - these 10 users have caused almost all of our staff work between them - let’s do something about that”

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Possibly, not too enthused by a “show me a list of possible heads I can put on a pike” list. Curious to hear what @hawk and @erlend_sh think.


I’ve been a moderator for years and I can certainly relate to moderator workload, stress and burn out.

In my experience I have found that “problem” members tend to get noticed sooner and remembered more easily by moderators than “exemplary” members do.

In other words, there is little need to “hunt down” problem members, they will become apparent soon enough.

IMHO, it would be better to identify and encourage the good members instead.

“if you look into the abyss too long, the darkness consumes you”


I really like this idea, but the following is very true:

I can see some moderators treating this list with a “Inbox Zero” mindset, which could result in over-moderation. But in the right hands this would be a very powerful tool. Definitely worthy plugin-territory for our upcoming admin dashboard 2.0.