Who enabled slow mode, and does it apply to TL4 users?

Hi everyone,

Regarding this feature. Are TL4’s excluded from slowmode or not? If they are not excluded, is there a way to do it?

Finally, is it possible to log who has used the command?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hello there @Mattia!

Yes. This is not possible at the moment

No, not yet as far as I am aware of.

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I think it’s a good idea to have this


Ehhh I dunno about that… it seems a bit like trivia at the moment?

Slow mode may eventually be triggered automatically by hitting certain thresholds (post velocity, number of new users posting, etc… not sure).


It seems that Slow Mode might break the opportunity to edit a flagged message? I haven’t had a chance to repro this myself, but a couple of user reports suggest it.


Yes, it currently blocks edits. I’m not sure how committed we are to that?

That’s an edge case I don’t think we need to worry about at the moment… if it comes up repeatedly, perhaps, but the feature is still evolving.

Is there any documentation written for slow mode? I could only find the announcement in the version update.

What are you seeking clarification about? Can you provide more information?

I’m interested in:

Does slow mode wait between posts, or between posts for the same person?

i.e. can person B post immediately after person A? or do they (person B) have to wait for the timer to expire before posting?

Who is excluded from the restriction? Admin? Moderators? Category Moderators? L4?

Slow mode is an enforced delay between posts by the same person, to a particular topic. Staff are not subject to this limit.

A lottery where only one random person can reply to the topic every (x) minutes would be a … very, very strange feature :confounded:

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