Who has visited your topic?

it’s really not that important who has visited your topics, but it’d definitely engage inexpert people to write better and more structured topics if they know that best people of the forum has visited their topic, trying to help, while because of the bad preparation of the topic they hadn’t done anything!

somehow, it’s a direct feedback that help people realize they need to edit their topics!

does anyone else also thinks that such feature may result to better contents?

You might run into some privacy concerns here. Personally, I wouldn’t like to use a site that discloses my reading behavior to other users that way.


It has been discussed as a possibility in the context of PMs but never for public topics, no.


thanks for describing your concern, but may I know why don’t you like others to know which topics you’ve read?

somehow you’ve already disclose your interest to the forum, and reading a forum content & contributing to the content, is the reason people join a community.

but public topics are exactly there to be visited, what is the benefit to hide the visitors, or perhaps what is the disadvantage in showing the visitors?

Users typically don’t like being monitored that closely, you can already see how many people have viewed your topic just not who they were.
Once a user clicks the like button on a post it will show who they are, it’s much less intrusive when they can opt in like that on their own terms.

Some would probably argue that Discourse already tracks a bit too much user activity through the Discourse Meta list, I know some of my internal company users probably don’t want us to know how much or little time they spend reading our forum.


I disagree with this judgement!

the data from social networks has shown vise versa! e.g. I can mention instagram stories, there you will find out who has seen your story. did it hurt people?! no, it resulted in a new behavior from users: more and more fresh stories.

I don’t say a forum is like a social network, and I don’t want it to be! I say sometime showing new available data to users give them a feedback which will result in a behavior (good or bad).

now, I guess, showing the visitors motivate people in writing better formed topics. If you know some important person to you, is going to see your thinking, you’ll present it much better than when you don’t know who is visiting.

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