Who is extensively using the badge system?

Our little community is loving the badge system, and we have made quite a few custom badges to reflect real-world actions.

We are a car club, so we really wanted to gamify some of the real world stuff we do, like going to car shows, meets etc. Previously we had used IP board and a whole host of plug ins to try and do this, it wasn’t very successful, but since using discourse it has really taken off, and real life interaction has increased too.

Our badge list as it stands http://forum.combustionpunks.co.uk/badges

We also produce these as little stickers, a lot of people have started using them kinda like “kill markings” on their cars

I found this post https://meta.discourse.org/t/best-use-of-the-badge-system-you-have-seen/29047 which started down this question, but has been closed.

So who is really pushing the limits of the badge system? I could really do with learning some more about it to further our use of it

Thanks in advance


Well, you guys certainly are! I love that some of your badges also come in the form of physical stickers. So cool. Every community ought to have at least one badge that’s cool enough that you’d want it as a sticker to put on your laptop/fridge/car etc.

The only other good example that comes to mind right now is Envato:


They’ve got some nice special badges for things like Affiliates, Nationality, Top Seller and API users. Just wish they’d categorise their badges!


I’ve done the following for attending meetings. Might be useful for you:

Basically at my groups meetings I put up QR codes which people scan and login to the forum to record attendenance and get a badge.


Thanks for that @erlend_sh I’ll have a look at that in a bit :smiley:
And yeah, the physical stickers go down well :smiley: Car fols love stickers anyway, so stickers proving that they have helped the community are VERY popular :smiley:
We are continually adding more based on suggestions and surveys on the forum.

currently one of our difficulties is staying on top of the organisation of many of the additional badges as they are not directly linked to actions in the forum they do require quite a bit of admin time,

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Oh wow, now that is a good idea @lrossouw :smiley: won’t work for some of the admin work I need to do, but could be very good for something else we are hoping to do this summer (Scatter rallys) and could be leveraged in some ways for some of the other bits and pieces, especially the “attended X show” badges. Thanks matey :smiley:

Take a look at my badge levels :wink:


Envato have indeed gone to town on their badge system. I’m planning something that really uses the badge system at the heart of our community initiative across our suite of products for developers.

Every community ought to have at least one badge that’s cool enough that you’d want it as a sticker to put on your laptop/fridge/car etc.

I definitely want to achieve this… and I love the whole car sticker meets virtual stickers concept! Great work @Yetidragon

@alefattorini nice work with the badge levels - is that a custom implementation?

Yes, I customized using dependencies betwewn badges

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seeing a few there that I may try to implement in the future :smiley:

how many of your badges are awarded manually? , such as member of the month?

Just a few like special badges

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Just thought I’d follow up and share our work in progress badges for the Guild.


These are the lower tier badges (bronze-level) for our Viking-themed community for designer/developer types, focussed around our suite of products and micro-services. I must say, we’re indulging in a branding exercise somewhat and it’s lots of fun…


##More Badges!!!

Adding to our basic level badges, we’ve now added the higher level and more elusive and sought-after Shields!

This completes our initial pass, before we get into some more custom badge types next.

We’re also creating Characters that map to our Community Trust Levels, along the lines of our Blacksmith-theme… more to follow…


Wow amazing art on those. Nicely done!


Thanks @codinghorror

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