How many badges is too many badges?

Fedora has our own Badges system. As I push to make Discourse more central to our community communications, I’d like to center these badges rather than the forum-oriented badges discourse uses. (Probably keep some of those, but in the mix.) I don’t think we will replace our existing badges system with Discourse’s (it really needs an upgrade, so… maybe, though?), but I’m interested in at least mirroring it. That is, whenever a user is given a badge by our external badge system, use the Discourse API to award the same (custom, of course) badge on the forum.

So there’s the background. But… we have this many badges:

Click for big image!

(And then click on the image again to really see the big image!)

Is that too many badges? Will this cause performance or other problems?

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Not too worried about performance, but I do think this is a reasonable #community style question. Just cause you can do something, does not mean it is necessarily something great to do.

Visually, the /badge page may be a bit overwhelming cause it may get a bit too long.

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Oh, I’m definitely not worried about too many badges being a problem conceptually.

Absolutely. We’d be looking at some way to present them differently. Although, as you can see, we do have “here’s a giant list!” as an option on our current site. I figure: if we’ve got to redo that, we might as well redo it in Discourse. :slight_smile:

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As a user I find the amount of badges you have excessive. With this many the perceived value of each is probably very low. Also who of your community is familiar with all of them? Can be only a very few nerds.

I admit I am not a fan of badges / achievements in general. Although as a moderator I regularly check Autobiographer, as the profile is sometimes used for spam.

Is your team evaluating badges to analyse forum activity? That might warrant lots of them.

Now I wonder if you can have hidden badges, which are only used internally…

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Our badges work differently from the concept used in Stack Exchange or Discourse, where they’re basically a few increasingly-difficult things on a set path. They’re more like those in Untappd or… FourSquare, back in the day.

It’s actually been pretty successful for us.

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