Who use event plugin in their discourse community?


Is there anyone who is using this event plugin in their discourse community? I want to see the demo how it is working. I’ve checked all his details and add to my community but it is not working. 🗓 Discourse Event

Actually, I want to use this plugin to book mock interview sessions and I want as the create event, it should add to their google calendar and they also get notifications before 30 minutes.

If this plugin can not work for my purpose, can you suggest any other plugin?


I am not the owner of this forum, but this forum has the plugin: https://forum.dark-gaming.com

This forum is owned by @popstarfreas


Thank you for helping. I need some other community to clarify the purpose


My reply probably won’t help you much.

I’ve had specific needs for displaying events on my forum, and I’ve found the existing solutions not fitting enough, sometimes hard to understand or configure, and a lack of customization for the calendar view.

I ended up not using any event or calendar plugin/theme component.

I just now have an Event category where I use the Location plugin, and that does the work because I preferred having no hassle and almost no features instead of complex stuff and features that didn’t exactly fit my needs.


Thank you for sharing the details. But this location plugin is not helpful for me.
Actually, we are going to offer free mock interviews and then people will create an event when they need interview sessions. In this case location does not matter.


We use the event plugin for that purpose on our internal Discourse forum and it works well. The reminder part would need to come from the native calendar event though.

What isn’t working for you? This is probably more of a support request than a community topic, but I’ll wait for your response before recategorising.

I want to see the live domeo. Can you share the link of post in which your any member use event plugin? Actually I’m going to offer a service of mock interview sessions and any user can create an event and other user can join that event. I want to see will it work fine for that purpose?

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No, I cannot sorry. It is a private community.