Who's Online Plugin (discourse-whos-online)

(Jason) #204

i hit the like button, but wanted to say thank you also, its always polite to say thank you

(Boost) #205

Is it possible to have the who’s online bar above the sub categories?

Here’s a screenshot of how it looks now:

I’d like to swap the “Category” and “Online” boxes around for the layout to make more sense.

Here’s the page on which this happens: Current Game - Thrive Community Forum

(Daniela) #206

Yes, using CSS you can move the bar above the sub categories:

.discovery-list-container-top-outlet.online_users_widget.ember-view {
    margin-top: -20%;
    margin-bottom: 15%;
.category-list.with-topics {
    margin-top: 5%;

The code above is only an example, you have to work on it and make it specific just for the categories you need without impacting the homepage

(Boost) #207

I have multiple top level categories that have sub categories, and they have different number of them. This approach can only work for one of them at a time. I think. I’m not a CSS expert. How would I also fix the main page? I think that this is a situation that can’t be fixed with CSS as you would have to somehow query the height of another element tree.

Even if it works for now, I’ll always dread the next time I have to update discourse as it might break (I have had a ton of CSS related issues when updating discourse in the past).

(Mindaugas Bartusevičius) #211

got a question how can i oweradd some stiles in new theme …

Creting new theme for discourse and like to add some custumisations of online plugin style … but then im adding some in themes style file then geting css errors …
if i adding #whos-online style getting this …
eny solution ?

(David Taylor) #212

If you click “Edit CSS/HTML”, you should see a more detailed error.

(Mindaugas Bartusevičius) #213

found the problem the discourse not like #9090909c color codes :smiley: