Why are some WordPress links Oneboxed, and others are not?

I really can’t understand why wordpress oneboxing isn’t a higher priority than it seems to be. I mean my impression was that Discourse wanted to be the “Wordpress” of forums - … and everyone knows how prevalent wordpress blogs are - so why not a special feature that auto-one boxes word press blog entries. (or even better - any web page - just pull out the first x number of words in the body of the web page).

I have to believe that it would greatly improve Boing BOing’s conversations.

Does anyone really think that this is the most helpful way to start a conversation?


This is how wordpress oneboxing actually looks… pretty nice.


I’m not sure why the boingboing folks are not choosing to include an excerpt in the discourse topics generated for blog discussions - the [Permalink] text is their choice. On our sites we do it differently. Maybe it’s because they want to focus on the blog post (for SEO and actual reading) and not the discourse topic?


boingboing choose to go that route, if you look at Sitepoint, you’ll see we do an excerpt. From what I understand, that process is pretty customizable.

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Where are these settings? I don’t see anything under the OneBox settings that suggest it can work with Wordpress. It doesn’t do this for my wordpress site…


oneboxing is done by putting a URL directly on its own line… works automagically with youtube videos, wikipedia etc.

I was assuming you are talking about something else, which is not oneboxing but the code to use discourse as a comment tool for a blog. If it’s the wp-discourse plugin you’re using then you can set that up in the wordpress dashboard. On my site it looks like this:

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Yes - and what I want is for the oneboxing to be done on links to wordpress blogs too, and even better any web site.

A basic onebox for non-OpenGraph or oEmbed would be great. I’m not a software developer - but it seems like it shouldn’t be too hard to pull the first 200 words (to make a simple one-box) from the body text of a web page that anyone puts a link to in a forum post.

The wp-plugin is somewhat helpful - but I’d love to see something more broadly applicable.

not sure what you mean - oneboxing works beautifully.

That’s how BB wanted it. No excerpt, just a link. We added the Show Full Post button later and they were OK with that.

OK - so why is it that when I post links from my wordpress web site - I don’t get onebox (and it is even whitelisted in the onebox section)?

Strangely - Boing Boing works fine from a onebox standpoint on my forums but not my own wordpress blog entries.

It depends on how the URLs are constructed. We have to guess based on the URL format, otherwise we would be forced to make http requests to every website to determine “is this Wordpress or not?”

Anyway, the excerpt is a setting in the plugin, that copies the first (n) chars out of the post and directly places that text in the corresponding topic.

You might need a plugin to generate the meta data necessary in your theme’s <head>.

So - should I assume that I need “Title” based URLs rather than just numerical sequential URLs? That seems to be the difference between what I have and what Boing Boing is using.

If you paste the links here side by side in a code block (indented 4 spaces) I can explain. It has to do with “typical” Wordpress URL schemes.


My wp document URL: http://mydomain.com/?p=640

Doesn’t show up as a onebox.

THen Boing Boing:




When creating a WP post topic, strip the <iframe> tags from youtube embeds, so that Discourse can onebox them.

Has anyone solved this? @AdamCapriola is there a way you can think of to make oneboxing work properly for Namati news/blog posts that just have URLs like the following:


If so perhaps we can contribute back the code here for the benefit of other wordpress people who don’t want to use the domain.com/year/month/day/title url syntax.

Unlikely, those are very generic URLs that would force us to attempt oneboxing a huge swath of the web. Not desirable at the current time.

I’m using this format for my wordpress blog (/?p=740 ) - and unfortunately you can’t change it after you’ve started using it. Any chance this could be supported. Seems like one of the main options for Wordpress users. It would be nice if we could just “whitelist” certain domains that you know are either your domains or you know are wordpress domains - so can easily be oneboxed.


I can’t find this setting in WP-discourse version 1.3.4. WP-discourse has obviously evolved since this screenshot was taken, but I would like to believe that the possibility to customize the publish format in this way has not completely disappeared, right? So where how do I do this now?

I am asking this with this idea in mind:


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