Why does the docker image take so much space?

(Martial) #1

This is the question about the 10GO min, what in the docker container take so much place ? A default install of Discourse is ~5-6go, so what takes so much space with an empty forum ?


(Mittineague) #2

Did you try the CLI command
docker df -v

If you’re talking about requirements instead of “normal” use, certain operations (eg. backup) temporarily use more space than is normally used.

(Matt Palmer) #3

This has been covered before, in some detail. Check the archives, I know I’ve answered this question at least once before.

(Martial) #4

This one ?

from Why does discourse take up so much disk space?

(Matt Palmer) #5

Hmm, I thought I’d done a longer-form explanation than that somewhere. That one you found isn’t as wall-of-texty as I tend to produce when roused to action.