Why does the system randomly bump 3-6 year old topics?

I was exploring the topics here… and noticed that there were topics from 2015-2018


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I’ll go out on a limb and guess that it’s because of a feature called Automatically bumping old topics on a category.


It’s a good hint to clean up old topics as well. We also did this on Stack Overflow, to get some natural gardening, to give old discussions a bit of new attention, or to prune (delete) them.


@codinghorror basically you are waking up really olddated topics and because of age potentially problematic tips/discussions and showing them to thousands of users and Google just because you (meaning the site, not you-you) are hoping some stuff member will notice old content and clean them?

Am I onlyone who thinks that is really bad tactic? Even here too.

We did it on Stack Exchange as well for the same reasons, and … it works.

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