Why bump old topics automatically here on Meta?

(rizka) #1

The title says it all. At least I am more and more annoyed by that. If I want to read old topics, I can go read old topics. In the latest feed I want latest topics. I’d like to hear some arguments why the feature is on.

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

I’m mostly annoyed by it too.

Several times, though, I’ve used those bumps to provide an answer to the question that is possible now. This keeps people from finding those old topics and using outdated information.

Most of the time they’re just closed by a staff member.

(Markus) #3

I think it’s a great feature for admins and moderators to handle topics like support tickets. But I understand, that some people are annoyed of it.

It might be a more general question: But who benefits from this? Why isn’t the Discourse team implementing a real ticket system by default? ;oP We already have a unofficial plugin that adresses this issue :wink:

Maybe there should be a profile setting, therefore individual users are able to opt-out …

(Mittineague) #4

It has and still does feel a lot like a “staff clean up” feature to me. I have been in the habit of periodically reverse sorting by activity on the topic list to find old topics that have been resolved / become moot / gone stale.

I can see where in theory it could be a desireable feature for some members. But from what I’ve seen here, most of the necro bumps do not get further replies and are closed.

The necro bumps do make the topics lists noisy and as soon as I see the “bumped” small action post if the topic hasn’t already been closed I typically give a quick glance at the topic title to see if I might be interested. But so far I have always gone “oh” and click away.

IMHO, an improvement would be to undo the bump when the topic is closed. True, there is the possibility someone will create a fresh “continued from” topic, but I think for the majority having the topics quietly fade away without notice would be better.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Most of the old bumped topics I delete, so for me, it’s a reminder to delete really out of date topics. About 1 in 10 are worth editing and keeping around, though, so it’s not always the same outcome.

It is fair to note that this is kind of an anti-feature for actual users of Meta who don’t already work for CDCK, Inc @sam :wink:

(Jeremy M) #6

So what is bumping these old topics? I don’t see a setting that does this.

Also - so you’re deleting the topics? What’s the thought process there? We have a bunch of old stuff and wondering a good process with Discourse.


Some of us are getting something positive from this daily annoyance.

I’m interested in how you run the Discourse operation so even the annoying stuff teaches me something. The biggest positive is seeing how many old problems have been resolved in the meantime.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Edit a category, it’s there in the settings.

(Stephen) #9

Because a lot of the people who interact and answer those requests are fellow community members.

I think it’s a bit of a narrow view to suggest that there isn’t value in having old topics bumped, it serves as a reminder of how certain things came to be, allows old interesting threads to be updated with the current solution or approach, and means some of the old cruft that would otherwise linger gets removed.

(Evgeny) #10

I like to read old topics that I would not have seen without this feature. Reading them you begin to better understand what is now. This is on this site.

As a community administrator on my site, I likewise like this feature. Sometimes there are topics with which you need to do something. This is a kind of reminder.

(Jeremy M) #11

Ahh so it’s in Category settings. The setting only mentions how many to auto bump daily… What is the trigger for one to be included in that?

(Sam Saffron) #12

Oldest gets bumped first…