Why have I not yet received the EMPATHETIC badge on my site?

Hi all - my 11 year old son and I were looking over the badges on my site and he pointed out that I should have received the EMPATHETIC badge for receiving 500 likes and giving 1000 likes. It appears I have not.

Has anyone else had this issue, or have a suggestion? Is the query working?

My profile: https://community.namati.org/user/tobiaseigen

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You need to have 500 liked posts, not just 500 likes. Can you confirm that 500 different posts have been liked?


ah - that makes sense. is there an easy way to determine the number of different posts that have been liked?

Data explorer? Would need to write up some SQL…

lol I just did out of curiosity.

I was a bit surprised the badge query uses the posts table instead of the badge_posts view.

Anyway, try this
(you’ll need to know your id number)

-- [params] 
-- int :the_user_id = 2

SELECT COUNT(posts.like_count) AS liked_posts 
FROM posts 
WHERE posts.user_id = :the_user_id 
AND posts.like_count > 0

Nice! :sunny:

I guess I am not as empathetic as my son would like to believe. Only about 250 posts liked.


What we should do long term is display the count when you look at the badge.


Yes, it might not be such a good idea to show the progress towards achieving a Trust Level, but I think revealing the criteria for most of the Badges would be harmless enough.


Or at least the criteria should be reasonably discoverable. If it’s so important, perhaps the “number of posts liked” should be one of the metrics shown on the user summary page.

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