Why standard Plan don't have Sitemap ؟

In fact I do not understand why the standard plan does not have sitemap plugin
It’s not fair to pay $ 300 to start a small site
I don’t understand why?

Sorry I don’t write English well

Of course it is–“fair” means they give you what you bargained for. If you don’t want to pay for Discourse to host it, you can always self-host and install whatever plugins you want. If you don’t have the skill set to do that–well, that’s why you’d be paying for the hosting.

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Small sites really don’t need that plugin. It won’t be a problem. They didn’t use it at all until sometime in the last year.


It’s true— the sitemap plugin isn’t necessary for sites to be indexed by Google as Discourse is already structured to allow crawlers to index it easily. But for large sites, the plugin can make it marginally faster.