Will disable_jump_reply make a return?

Great, our users will be really happy!

Going to give it a week or two before upgrading, had an extended outage the last time we upgraded to a daily release.

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Would love to see a solution for mobile as well as we’re promoting our mobile platform quite a bit.


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Note … I had to redo the design here a bit so it is removed from your site for a few more days.

This think should be merged soon and the feature will return.

Note, mobile is really really hard to deal with here. I totally appreciate we want a solution but getting stuff like “long press” to work consistently is a very hard job.

Simplest thing I can think about for mobile is putting something here:


This could be linked to an “advanced” user preference, perhaps. People upset about this want it on all the time.

I didn’t even get to try it! LOL.

No worries.

I understand mobile would be difficult. Had pondered long hold myself. Is there no way to go back to having as a preference by user? That was seriously the best.

Short term, the menu you mention might work.