Wordpress plug in auto link / start conversation link?

I have been using WP plug in to create topics for each post I create which is great but is there a way for me to auto create the link to the discourse page? At the moment I create the post, post it and then go to discourse copy the topic link and edit the blog post with the new URL but was wondering if there was a setting that added the Start a Discussion option or just some shortcode that would magic up the a link in the original post

Yes, the ‚ÄėEnable Discourse Comments‚Äô setting should do what you are looking for. The setting is found on the plugin‚Äôs Commenting options tab. When you enable that setting, you should see two more options. The ‚ÄėDisplay comments‚Äô option will display a selection of Discourse comments underneath the post. The ‚ÄėDisplay a link to the comments‚Äô option will Display a link to the Discourse topic, without displaying the comments on WordPress.

For either of these settings to work, comments must be enabled for the WordPress post.


Thank you will check settings again.

ah ha yes all good, I think the start discussion piece is a little low as it appears under the categories, maybe a theme issue.

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