Wordpress SSO flow

I am attempting to setup the following SSO with Wordpress, using GravityForms/Stripe for paid users, ConvertKit for sending notification/onboarding emails. Not sure how to setup WP SSO for this.

Use-case: I want free users to sign-up easily from “lab.site.com” without being promoted to pay. I don’t want them to even know a paid option exists. When Free Users sign up, I need a WP user created with the “Group” of “Subscriber”. All “Subscribers” are free users.

For paid users, I want them to go to a hidden page that allows them to purchase via Gravity Forms + Stripe. I have this configured, with a New WP User being created.

Where I am stuck is how to get Discourse to change the Group setting based on the WP User Group.

WP Group: Subscriber --> Discourse Group: Free User
WP Group: Customer --> Discourse Group: Paid User

Lastly, I need my /wp-login.php page to be styled to include “Create a free account” right? Or how does a new account get created?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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You need to do a bit of custom work on your WordPress site to see that groups get pushed to Discourse. See Managing Discourse group membership with WP Discourse.

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