WordPress SSO + Normal User registration?

Hi, we have an SSO integrated with Wordpress for our forum, however that is reserved for premium customers and we’d like free customers to be able to participate as well (without having a Wordpress account). Is it possible to somehow create an account and have them log in to the forum, with SSO still enabled for the WP users?


This is not possible. When WordPress is the configured to be the SSO provider for a DIscourse site, it is the only way that users can login to Discourse.


Depending on your setup, you could solve this issue by making Discourse the SSO provider, restricting the relevant content on your wordpress site based on wordpress user roles, then granting your premium customers the relevant wordpress user role to see the premium content.

For more on making Discourse the SSO provider see:


Thanks, yeah I’m already using the Discourse SSO plugin.

I just didn’t really want them to go through the login screen on the WP site, I think there’s no way around it.

Thanks again!