Wp_discourse unable to remember login status

Although in my memory ‘remember login status’ should be a browser function, I am not sure if it is caused by the theme used, nor am I sure if it is due to WP_Discourse or what needs to be configured in Discourse.

The current issue encountered is that Discourse has already used WP_Discourse and Wordpress are connected well. I use Discourse as the main account library, and Wordpress does not provide registration.

The login status in Discourse is always maintained unless actively logged out, but every time you access WordPress in the browser again, you need to log in again, which means you need to click on the “Log in using Discourse” link every time

Hey there @shihuang214,

This is what I understand about your issue, but please correct me if I’m wrong

  1. You use DiscourseConnect with Discourse as the provider and Wordpress as the client, using the WP Discourse Plugin
  2. You want Wordpress authentication to persist across different browser sessions.

Your specific issue is something largely unrelated to the WP Discourse plugin and DiscourseConnect. Once you’ve logged in using DiscourseConnect in WP Discourse the login state (i.e. whether you remain logged in) is handled by Wordpress itself. Please take a look at solution such as


thanks a lot!!!
and thanks this cool plugin - wp_discourse!!!


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