WP keeps losing its link to Discourse Post

I have many posts that already exist that I’d like to Publish to Discourse. When I do so, it works, but when I reload the post it no longer recognizes the link. If I re-link it, the same thing happens. It also seems to be somewhat sporadic - sometimes it happens for both posts and custom post types, sometimes not. Disabling all other plugins doesn’t help.

The logs are completely normal looking.

[2021-11-04 16:51:14] publish.INFO: create_post.post_success {"wp_title":"Installing CyberPanel","wp_author_id":"1","wp_post_id":2119,"discourse_post_id":""} 
[2021-11-04 16:51:14] publish.INFO: create_post.body_valid {"wp_title":"Installing CyberPanel","wp_author_id":"1","wp_post_id":2119,"discourse_post_id":""}

Here is a screen recording of it.

The data is in wp_postmeta. So the plugin seems to be having some communication problem…

All I can think of is that the posts that I’m having trouble with seem to be ones that I’ve linked and de-linked a couple times. I have cleared traces from wp_postmeta, and even re-installed/connected WP Discourse, but are there other tables or settings that store references?

Could you attempt the same thing again, but when you refresh the page keep your browser console open and look for exceptions. The data is being created normally however it’s not showing up in your UI which suggests a client-side exception.

Very strange… I just went back and now they are showing as linked. Nothing changed in the browser. Maybe some sort of caching/cookies thing…

Thanks anyway! If it re-occurs, I’ll monitor the console and report the details.

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