WP SSO Host. Discourse SSO Client setup not working

I’ve got my WordPress site setup as the SSO provider and the Discourse forum set as SSO client. When I go to login on Discourse, I get taken to the login page on WordPress. However, when I click the login button it takes me to the WordPress admin dashboard instead of taking me back to Discourse. If I then open Discourse in a new tab, it hasn’t logged me in to Discourse. So I’m wondering if I have not configured something correctly?

I DO get the “You’re connected to Discourse” message in my WordPress “Discourse” page.

Here’re my WordPress and Discourse WP-Discourse / SSO settings:

I don’t have the Theme My Login plugin in my WordPress installation.

My WordPress installation is running on WPEngine.com and Discourse is in a DigitalOcean droplet.

If anyone can offer any assistance on this I would appreciate it enormously.

Do you have any other plugins installed that could be causing a redirect to the user’s profile page when they login? If you are already logged into WordPress, but not logged in to Discourse, does SSO login work?

Hi Simon,

I didn’t have a plugin doing that, however I did notice that there seemed to be a particular set of circumstances where I was getting logged into the Discourse even though I wasn’t being taken to it after doing the WordPress login.

So I tried removing the “wp-login.php” on the end of my URL and that seems to have fixed the problem, virtually just this minute in fact, hehe.

Thanks for your help!