WYSIWYG Plugin (again)

I’m 100% on board.
Have not discovered a FOSS plugin for a Discourse or WordPress WYSIWYG Editor
I also hope collaboration and that the spreadsheet idea supports the inclusion of higher math functions for notational logic for scientific ideation and communication. I vote for having the ability to toggle between the standard Discourse and the proposed WYSIWYG Editor functions.

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This has been discussed before:


'would always cause annoying reformatting of markdown."
Gee, that is a seriously odd point to assert, unless you are sure the people working on the project don’t know what they are doing. I just spent several hours study on various WYSIWYG Editors.
Out of the 15 most popular ones used today only one doesn’t support toggling back forth viewing and editing.

I’m designing a prototypal site for a non-profit, scientific community of practice, a new kind thinktank.

Assuming I get this site up and running, We are going to play around stitching various app feature combinations of WordPress/BuddyPress/Koni.Wiki together with Discourse.

After I’m satisfied the community’s needs are being sustainably addressed, the remaining work will be to streamline the code, stripping out features that don’t serve the mission, now or ever.

Then test it to destruction. Rebuild and do it again and again until we have tuning we can provisionally trust.

Anyway, we need standard communication with a WYSIWYG editor because it’s 2016?

I mean I can’t believe it’s a debate. Anyone, paying attention to tech over the past 5 years knows there isn’t a smartphone built that doesn’t have a WYSIWYG text for sms and email and a dozen other apps.

Call me impractical, but I believe a website featuring protracted text entry, should be at least as advanced, as a 5-year-old smartphone.

Side comment: Is Babble Chat ready for prime-time?

This is the project description in Google Drive

In addition to regular correspondence, we need mathematical notation/markup for scientific ideation.
This is the editor I’ve settled on. I have one other programmer onboard and looking for more.

How to?

  1. Swap-out Discourse Native Editor
  2. install and assign CKEditor as default.

Not got time right now to read the entire thread but big bump up for this. We’ve recently launched Discourse for CAMRA, a consumer organisation of beer & cider drinkers in the UK with over 170,000 members to replace phpBB. It’s not yet been launched to the membership as a whole but I felt compelled to return to Meta to put a plea in for WYSIWYG.

These are not technical users with the average age being over 40. The lack of a WYSIWYG editor is the biggest problem with Discourse. It’s the single consistent thing the early adopters have complained about. It’s seen as a blocker to adoption.

Heck, I’ve worked in IT as a programmer and IT manager for over 30 years and even I don’t like mark-up for this purpose. I hate having to keep switching my focus between left and right panels. When I use italics using ctrl-I, I always forget to move over the trailing underscore - that’s horribly user unfriendly.

So yes PLEASE implement a WYSIWYG editor with some urgency.


Okay, so I did read a bit more :slight_smile: A limited range of rich formatting is perfectly acceptable - in fact, the ones shown in the toolbar above as I type this is perfectly acceptable. I’ve just tried the numbered list icon by the way - very unfriendly IMO. Do you have to number the list yourself?

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Yes, but you don’t have to be sequential

1. One
5. Two
2. Three
4323456834639. Four
  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
    4323456834639. Four
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You may want to reconsider the migration if you need urgency on this.


You could even use the same number over and over again. That’s what I’m always doing…

1. One
1. Two
1. Three
1. Four
  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. Four
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Now explain it to 80,000 middle aged real ale fans :slight_smile:

@Rob_Nicholson - Discourse is not getting WYSIWYG any time soon. I’d dearly love to see it too, but I’ve reached the acceptance stage of grief about it now.

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Sadly then it falls well short of it’s grand aims then to be “Simple. Modern. Fun” doesn’t it. I’m well aware of all of the discussion on this and sadly my take is that Discourse will be part of the reason why this reboot of CAMRA forums may fail. The final decision wasn’t mine and whilst I initially suggested looking at the platform, I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t…

Sadly, whilst I suggested CAMRA looks at Discourse because I hoped it really would live up to it’s aims, I wasn’t the final decision maker.

Having a mostly 40+ old non tech community too, I don’t think this is the big deal people make. 99% of posts are text, and text is the same on markdown or wysiwyg.

But if this is a big roadblock as you say, you can always put some money into a #marketplace topic.


@Rob_Nicholson what I did to get around the issue was remove the buttons toolbar, and remove the preview on the right. Then I centered the editor, made the preview pane optional (it opens on top of the editor on click. The only buttons I needed were the Emoji and the Upload Picture buttons, which I added at the extreme right, making it similar to a phone UI. Most people will just write unformatted text, and for now this should suit you fine.

In a few months, one of us will get around to making a plugin for wysiwyg, so I guess we just have to be patient.


Yeah, you can just hide all the formatting buttons with CSS. The only issue comes when people use markdown by accident and wonder why they don’t Get What They Saw.

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That is indeed a very convient way to do it. Shame having that in the parser makes it hard to start reponse with year period. Like “When did you start hating Markdown? \n\n 2014. That’s when I started actually using Markdown.”

Another “problem” is typing #1 at the start of a line

#1 which turns it into this

Try explaining “escape codes” to a non-technical user…

I suppose this summarises my reservations about a markdown editor - normal users don’t expect something weird to happen when they type a letter. if they press “#” then they expect “#” to appear on the screen - always.


Being able to disable markdown within comments would be a start - although in my view the original post content itself still needs the ability to add H1, H2, bold etc.

I was originally hopeful, but after considerable research I very much doubt that there is much appetite for this to be developed by third party developers, not least because of the ongoing maintenance issues associated with third party plugins. And if maintenance isn’t proactive, imagine building up your community and then upgrading to an essential release only to find most of your existing posts are ill formatted.

Here’s Sam’s view on the scope of the problem from Who would prefer a standard wysiwyg to markdown?:


Yes, I’d prefer a solution to be part of the core software as it’s an important part of the overall system from an end-user point of view. They will spend most time reading posts, then navigating and then writing posts themselves.

I am closing this topic, sorry.


Let us discuss the technical implementation of WYSIWYG

It has become

Welcome to festivus, time to air our grievance

Flag to reopen after festivus is over.