xAPI from H5P to discourse

Hello, I’m trying to build a training course for a mid-size corporation using discourse. I’ve already built a training site using google’s ai chatbot with discourse through discobot here.

I intend to use h5p, another great open source project https://h5p.org/, but need a small, simple plugin that captures the data that H5P content emits (which is in the form of xAPI statements)

I need to store quiz results etc from students / trainees , there is some docs here
H5P and xAPI | H5P [1]
Analyzing results and answers | H5P [2]

Would anyone be willing to help? My company would be willing to pay for coding time.

Also, I need the ability to track progress, do grading, and give certificates, the last of which I know is already a functionality in discourse, but I need to give them for performance on quizzes etc.

Any discourse coders out there willing to help in this project?

The project might take a few months, I’m not sure how long it might take, but the sooner the better.

The budget is provisional, but it is a mid sized organization and can afford to pay a reasonable rate, we can talk about the specifics if you are interested.

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Hey Tim, sounds like an interesting project. I’m interested in working with you. You can see some of my Discourse work here. Send me a PM with your contact details and we can take it from there.


Great, thank you Angus, let’s move to private messaging.

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