1.7.0-beta 4 / Topic List Previews - mobile UI bug - topic ages

UPDATED: think this relates to the Topic List Previews plugin.

I thought the topic ages had perhaps been intentionally removed in 1.7.0-beta4. Then I saw this while scrolling, which suggests it’s actually a rendering bug (see topic at bottom of list):

If the ages were intentionally removed, please could you make it configurable so I can restore them?

Thanks for all the hard work, BTW - users frequently comment on how excellent the forum software is.

UPDATED: have just upgraded the Topic List Previews plugin and the ages now render differently (still broken, but broken in a new way!)

If this is related to the topic lists preview, it might be best to post it in that topic since it is a plugin that isn’t by the Discourse team.

Pinging @angus to see this. Perhaps someone from @team could move this into the #plugin topic.


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