Timeline - News Feed UI in Topic List View

Location: https://github.com/VinkasHQ/discourse-timeline

Latest unread post will be displayed in all topic list views.

Currently this plugin is in beta stage. More features are planned and it will be added in next versions.

Guest views

First post will be displayed under all topics.

User views

Last unread post will be displayed under all topics. If all the posts are read already then nothing will be displayed under topic.

User 1

User 2


good :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried it yet, but does it work alongside the topic-list preview?

I didn’t tried that combination. But I think it will work. Because both plugins does not have conflicts anywhere in code.

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is there any place to activate the plugin?

I have layout+topic list preview plugin, and this plugin doesn’t show the last unread post under the topic.

I couldn’t find any setting regarding the plugin in the admin panel. would you give me some hints?

I think the plugin not yet installed in your instance properly. Are you able to see the name “timeline” in your list of plugins page /admin/plugins?

yes, it’s in the plugin list.

Sorry @Pad_Pors, I can’t find the problem. It is just working for me in latest Discourse version without any issues. If you give me more details then I can look at your website about this issue.

I’ve currently installed it only on local.

the main plugin I’d like to use alongside timeline, is topic preview.

In our forum, the social UI of the plugin is on, and I assume there may be some conflict between the timeline and topic list preview plugin:

one brings the OP excerpt to the topic list and the other brings the last post excerpt. which one is going to be shown?

I tested the topic preview along with our “timeline” plugin in my localhost. It is just working. But I can’t understand why you need both plugins same time. While topic preview display OP’s excerpt timeline plugin will display last unread post.

Actually both will be displayed.

No. not last post excerpt. It will display whole last unread post. In a topic which totally having 6 posts if your last unread post is 1 then it will display first post. If it is 6 then it will display whole last post. Same rule will apply for any 'n’th post on topic. For guest it will always display the first post.

Also note if you logged in and you don’t have any unread post in any topics then whole topic list will display as normal without any posts and previews. So in this case you can’t find any differences made by timeline plugin.

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