1 to 1 PM vs Group Messaging

Is there a way to completely block 1 to 1 PM for users but only allow Group Messaging with admin (for private email support)

Yes, this is already (mostly) possible, just disable PMs in site settings, because staff can always PM no matter what.

Thanks. But I actually want the other way around. I would have a Support link in the front page pointing to the prefilled support group message. If I disable PM in the global settings, can a user (not staff) initiate a message to this group for support with that link?

Just to add : Idea is to encourage public contribution but still provide support when needed.

Can anyone help me understand if the above use case is possible.

How about “quiet help” category ("topic templates allow you to have a pre-filled message with category) that is suppressed from the front page (there’s a check-box for that in category settings).

What you really want, I think, is to set a category’s permissions to allow people to create, but not read or reply to messages (that are not their own). I don’t think that’s on the road map. :slight_smile:

Thanks. In an Ideal world I would want to achieve that with your second option…I know it is not in the roadmap.

With the new developments in the Group Messaging, it is almost there. I just want to know if a normal user can send a group message even if he is not allowed to send individual PM.

This is possible if you let Discourse handle the email address. @zogstrip is planning to write a howto on this in the next two weeks.

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This is interesting. Can you explain that ?

Here’s the howto for the anyone interested :wink: