10,000 post limit too low

(Quincy Larson) #1

We have a thread that has reached 10,000 posts and became locked. How do we unlock this or raise the limit?

(Dean Taylor) #2

This feature is there for a reason, refer to this topic where the feature was introduced:

Note this “auto closing” helps keep Discourse performance high.

The setting you might be interested in is:
"auto close topics post count"

(cpradio) #3

Admin > Settings > search for auto close topics post count

(Quincy Larson) #4

Great! Thank you for pointing out that this option existed. Based on @DeanMarkTaylor’s explanation, I will leave this as default.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

It can be OK, but older Mobile devices and particularly older Android devices will be severely punished performance wise on topics with a lot more than 10k posts.

We do plan to eventually fix this, but it may take a year or more.

(Quincy Larson) #6

OK - thanks for the additional information. I will just plan to open new threads when they hit 10k comments.