10,000 post limit too low

We have a thread that has reached 10,000 posts and became locked. How do we unlock this or raise the limit?

This feature is there for a reason, refer to this topic where the feature was introduced:

Note this “auto closing” helps keep Discourse performance high.

The setting you might be interested in is:
auto close topics post count


Admin > Settings > search for auto close topics post count


Great! Thank you for pointing out that this option existed. Based on @DeanMarkTaylor’s explanation, I will leave this as default.

It can be OK, but older Mobile devices and particularly older Android devices will be severely punished performance wise on topics with a lot more than 10k posts.

We do plan to eventually fix this, but it may take a year or more.

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OK - thanks for the additional information. I will just plan to open new threads when they hit 10k comments.

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2 years later @ossia how is the new limit fairing on your forum?

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Thanks for following up, Sam.

This hasn’t been an issue for us at all.

We stopped using “introduce yourself” threads, and since then, few of our threads have even approached the 1,000 comment mark, so I think 10,000 is a sane default.


It’s fine to break this up by year or even every few years. A 10 year old introduction isn’t quite… right.