10% of new registrants type their emails wrong or missing

Hi all,

In my forum almost 10% of new registrants type their emails wrong, missing or something else.

like …gmil, yhoo, hatmail etc.

Confirmation emails can not be sent :thinking:

For solution what can be done?

Double area for email typing. ( disallow copy paste )
Auto check for email valid or not.
A small warning on sign up page.


Thank you.

Use gmail and other social logins. This keeps them from having to type a username or a password .

And ensure that they have to type their address rather than be able to paste it from somewhere that they know is correct, like a password manager? Not a good idea.

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Good idea but i think social login decrease checking/clicking ratio of digest emails.

Why? Social logins will also add the user to the digest emails the same way.

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yes but some people never use their emails also they do not known their passwords but they can confirm sign up process with their phones because passwords already entered the app like browser, gmail, linkedin, face etc.

If system forces them to sign in to their mail accounts this can increase ratio of using of their emails and so they can see digests.

Yes maybe not too much but i think it works. After disabled the social login i recognised the difference.

Your argument makes sense only if they sign into Facebook with an email address they never use. If the never use email is no wonder they don’t know their email address.

Your argument seems to be that when you used social logins you didn’t have the problem that you are now trying to solve. It sounds like if you want those people to use your forum you’ve already demonstrated that social logins are the solution.

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