$10k Bounty: Gitcoin Passport plug-in for Discourse


ENS (Ethereum Name Service) and Gitcoin are looking for developers to build a Gitcoin Passport-plugin for Discourse and have posted a bounty to our DAO Governance Forum:


10,000 USDC to be distributed upon delivery of plug-in.


  • Open-source (2-clause BSD-licensed)
  • Configurable trust-levels
  • Configurable access-levels
  • Redirect to create a Gitcoin Passport (for users without one)
  • Sign-In With Ethereum Discourse-plugin compatibility
  • Time to create a passport for existing users without one
  • Badges for verification levels

Please see this document for the full project outline.

Additional information:
Applicants are encouraged to post a proposal including a project timeline in the comments below or in the bounty thread, as well as any information that is helpful to determine that the project can be delivered upon.

Please clarify what “USDC” is.


Apologies, it’s a stablecoin pegged to USD, issued by Circle and used on the Ethereum blockchain that we operate on. It’s backed by real USD 1:1 and anyone can exchange it for USD using any exchange, such as Coinbase.

If that’s an issue for someone with a serious proposal then we can transfer USD in a regular bank transfer instead.

Communiteq can build this. We specialize in Discourse and offer hosting and plugin development as services, with 9+ years of experience in both. We are currently hosting gov.gitcoin.com, https://discuss.ens.domains and quite some other DAO’s and we have previously helped out with some issues on the SIWE plugin.

We can perform this work for you in approximately the next two months.


This bounty is now closed.


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