[HIRING] Discourse Metamask integration plugin

Dear Discourse community,

We at Santiment are committed to giving back to the Ethereum ecosystem. And we love Discourse. So we want to help build a Discourse-Ethereum integration and we are looking for an experienced developer that will become the maintainer of that project.

What we would like to have

As a first step we are looking for someone who can develop an open-source plugin which integrates Discourse with Metamask and allows Discourse users to transfer ETH or ERC20 tokens to each other. The plugin should have the following features:

  • Every user can add an Ethereum address to their user profile. This address will be used to receive funds.

  • There should be some UI which allows users to transfer tokens or ether to each other. For example we could have a form which is opened from a button on the user card. The form will interface with the metamask library in the browser. When the user confirms the transfer on the form, they would be redirected to Metamask to authorize the transaction. We can discuss other options for the UX as well.

  • If possible the site admins should be able to restrict what kind of tokens can be used for the transfer. E.g. the Santiment forum could be made to only support SAN tokens. Such a restriction cannot really be enforced but it can be discouraged by the UI.

  • This functionality should be restricted by Group membership. The forum admins should be able to specify which groups of users can get access to the Ethereum addresses published by others.

Who are we looking for

We are looking for an experienced developer. You should have already contributed to Discourse itself, or written Discourse plugins. You should have at least some knowledge about Ethereum. Experience with Metamask and the web3.js API is an advantage. Any experience developing or maintaining open-source projects is an advantage. You must be proficient in spoken and written English.

We plan to sponsor other open-source projects which integrate Discourse with Ethereum in the future. If we are happy working together with you, we would want to hire you to continue developing and maintaining those.

If you are interested in this project give us a call. Please send us a resume containing your previous work.

Budgeting and time constraints

For the initial set of features we will pay a lump sum of money. This will be determined after talking with the developer and fixing the final scope. We are willing to pay around $30/h and expect that this project should be done in 2-4 weeks.

If we are happy with you and want to continue our working relationship, we can pay you a monthly stipend to continue developing and maintaining this plugin, and to continue working on other Ethereum - Discourse open-source projects. The amount of that stipend will be negotiated later.


Sounds really interesting, Tzanko. I’m sure my team and I can help out. Would you mind emailing me at hello@procourse.co and we can discuss some of the details further?


Is this still available? If so PM me or email me at orlando@hashlabs.com. We have done some experiments with web3.js and metamask but nothing in production, and have a lot of expericience doing things with Discourse.

Also, I made some money trading SAN in Cobinhood so thanks for that! :wink:



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