2.8.0.beta11: User will not be Mentioned Warning, Updated Emoji, and more

New features in 2.8.0.beta11

Show warning if user won’t be mentioned

Ever mention a user, realize a day or two later they never replied, and then wonder why? Only to realize that user doesn’t have access to the topic or PM? No more! We now show a warning if a mentioned user cannot see the post.

Update emojis to v13

We’ve update our emoji database to include the new emoji included in Emoji 13. So go ahead, put your :anatomical_heart: and :lungs: into it, and enjoy all sorts of new emoji!

:smiling_face_with_tear: :disguised_face: :pinched_fingers: :anatomical_heart: :lungs: :ninja: :man_in_tuxedo: :man_feeding_baby: :person_feeding_baby: :mx_claus: :people_hugging: :black_cat: :bison: :mammoth: :beaver: :polar_bear: :dodo: :feather: :seal: :beetle: :cockroach: :fly: :worm: :potted_plant: :blueberries: :olive: :bell_pepper: :flatbread: :tamale: :fondue: :teapot: :bubble_tea: :rock: :wood: :hut: :pickup_truck: :roller_skate: :magic_wand: :piñata: :nesting_dolls: :sewing_needle: :knot: :thong_sandal: :military_helmet: :accordion: :long_drum: :coin: :boomerang: :carpentry_saw: :screwdriver: :hook: :ladder: :mirror: :window: :plunger: :mouse_trap: :bucket: :toothbrush: :headstone: :placard: :transgender_symbol: :transgender_flag:

Additional features

  • Search screened IP address in blocks
  • Customizable rules and plugins for PrettyText.markdown.
  • Decorate username in email-group-user-chooser-row
  • Date-range tag for local dates
  • Make the draft error exclamation in composer red
  • Catch decorateCooked errors from themes/plugins
  • Use raster image and autofill in 2FA input
  • Scheduled group email credential problem check
  • Allow topic pin toggle when header is docked
  • Before consolidation callbacks
  • Automatic admin editor dark mode
  • Allow sending message via a link to multiple users

Even more!

But wait, there’s more! We do our best to highlight new features and changes for you, but there’s always too many changes to detail. For a full list of new features, bug fixes, UX improvements, and more, be sure to review the Additional Features and Fixes listed below.

Security Updates

This beta includes 4 security fixes for issues reported by our community and HackerOne.

  • Do not sign in unapproved users
  • Advanced group search did not respect visiblity of groups.
  • Hide user’s bio if profile is restricted
  • Only show user suggestions with regular post

Plugin improvements

Many plugins

  • Translations
    • We’ve updated the translations in many of our plugins


Bug Fixes

  • Use Ember router for small action post links
  • Bulk assign modal was broken
  • Set these fields in condition below only

UX Changes

  • Change “Re-assign” copy to “Reassign”


  • Collapses youtube, external gifs and images, and uploads properly
  • Collapse gifs
  • Collapse images
  • Store reply-to in draft
  • Collapse youtube previews in chat
  • Allows to unfollow direct message channel
  • Displays a separator between days
  • Show placeholders that tell the user who they’re talking to
  • Renaming channels from browse page
  • Chat channel creation modal
  • Let me talk to myself
  • Swap time from relative to absolute
Bug Fixes
  • Correctly computes channels max height in float panel
  • Ensures chat-user-avatar width can’t be shrinked
  • Ensures first message before content width is correct
  • Make file names small like before
  • Don’t collapse all oneboxes
  • Removes superfluous wrapping div for sidebar-channels
  • Simplify code when inserting full-page-chat
  • Attempts to avoid duplicated channels tracking
  • Use rAF to minimize visible scroll jump
  • YouTube thumbnails were cropped
  • Loading past messages
  • Makes chat-channel-title tagLess
  • “All loaded” message was shown too early
  • Uses absolute to prevent safari bug in scrolled containers
  • Prevent audio from playing on top of each other CAUSING IT TO BE LOUD
  • Pluralize i18n strings
  • Channel row height since btn was added
  • ALWAYS set the reply-to message when a new channel is loaded
  • Set replyToMsg on chat-live-pane correctly
  • Clear reply-to from draft when it’s cancelled in composer
  • Show available link to new chat.browse route
  • Max-width an image
  • Enter not working inside backticks
  • Ensure we also check for array in favorites
  • Stretchy avatars on iOS < 15.1
  • Don’t crash on missing favs
  • Simplify the layout to fix an overflow issue
  • Save new draft when upload is removed
  • Uniform sidebar channel row heights
  • Fix margins for multiline text
  • User is not available on AnonymousUser
  • Reconciliate state of live-pane
  • Don’t crash when a personal convo user is deleted
  • Ensures loading state is removed
  • DOMParser is very picky especially on firefox
  • User chooser was not auto opened anymore
  • Use ember component for collapsing instead of yanking into a container
  • Chat channel timestamps columns defaults were static
  • Correctly handle skip result
  • Avoids N+1 query when fetching chat channels
  • Parsed cooked to get mentioned users
  • Clean up a bit of code
  • Revert “Show myself at the top of my DMs if I ever DM-ed myself”
  • Serialize fancy title if name isn’t present and save custom field
UX Changes
  • Uses primary for icon color on direct hover
  • Attempts to simplify css for chat channel rows
  • Remove space between dots in ellipsis
  • Allows chat-channel-row to hide leave button
  • Single line placeholder text
  • Fix compatibility with custom themes
  • Adjust sidebar channel row height
  • Tweak message-separator styling
  • Do not show leave channel btn on mobile
  • Fixes various minor issues
  • Show better copy when creating channels
  • Remove reply-to line if message is directly above
  • Drop down placement adjustment
  • Full-page & exit button changes
  • Align vertically tc-message-collapsible
  • Dont transition when unfollowed channel is not currently viewed
  • Smoother state when unfollowing a direct message channel
  • Fix channel list sizes in floatie and mobile
  • Unify sidebar row sizes
  • Fix composer sizing
  • Minor emoji alignment fix
  • Make the full-page chat more core-like
  • Tweak on-hover menu css
  • Avoid using blue for text not being a link
  • Increase separator vertical margin
  • Makes all actions having a consistent styling
  • Small tweak
  • Increases first message of day separator contrast
  • Simplify date formatting for last week
  • Small margin adjustments
  • Channel browse tweaks
  • Single-line chat placeholder
  • Mostly chat sidebar CSS fixes
  • Various CSS fixes
  • Tweak .tc-msgactions CSS
  • Closes menu on mobile after reaction
  • Fast access to favorite reactions
  • Browse channels styling
  • Fix another case of messages overflowing the viewport
  • Make area beside scroll-to-bottom clickable
  • Prevent message overflow; circular indicators
  • Prevents N+1 on direct message channel title


Bug Fixes

  • Allow anons to view votes if the voting_show_votes_on_profile setting is enabled

OAuth2 basic

UX Changes

  • Update setting description for oauth2_overrides_email


Bug Fixes

  • Define name in PatreonAuthenticator


New Features

  • FullDay calendar option
  • Update IN Holidays for 2022.
  • Update SG Holidays for 2022.
  • Uses after-chat-channel-username outlet to display holiday

UX Changes

  • Shrinks holiday indicator size


Bug Fixes

  • Do a transition to update ‘solved’ queryparam

UX Changes

  • Update filter breadcrumb due to core changes


Bug Fixes

  • Switching the timer back to “Never” didn’t work


New Features

  • Save user IPs in custom field & match against device IPs
  • Add Kolide helpers group to user alert PM participants.
  • Sync Kolide checks & delay user reminders based on checks.

Bug Fixes

  • Remove devices no longer available on Kolide.
  • Correct the typo in UserAlert class name.
  • Treat webhook event payload data as hash to get user_id


New Features

  • When suggesting usernames skip input that consist entirely of disallowed characters

Bug Fixes

  • Simplify data to store in extra column

Docker Manager

Bug Fixes

  • Do not activate plugins before checking compatibility

Code Review

New Features

  • Don’t use email for username suggestions until it’s explicitly enabled in site settings
  • When suggesting usernames skip input that consist entirely of disallowed characters

Bug Fixes

  • Don’t duplicate notifications if receiving duplicate webhooks.


New Features

  • Remove overlap with like notifications.
  • Collapse multiple reactions to the same post.

Bug Fixes

  • Correct like reactions count
  • Include likes in the reactions received list.
  • Filter reactions when clicking a consolidated notification.
  • Always keep the icon of the last notification when collapsing
  • Keep the hearth icon when consolidating multiple like reactions.
  • Keep the heart icon if all the collapsed reactions were likes.
  • Use correct reaction notification locale key

OpenID Connect

UX Changes

  • Update setting description for openid_connect_overrides_email


New Features

  • Add AWS IAM roles setting
  • Add AWS translate

Bug Fixes

  • Avoid assigning nil values to custom field

Category Experts

Bug Fixes

  • Allow filter by user when plugin is enabled


New Features

  • Adds auto_responder script

Bug Fixes

  • A topic can be stalled even if it only has OP


Bug Fixes

  • Define name for CrowdAuthenticator


Bug Fixes

  • Ensures footnote is closed on page change
  • Fix footnotes in encrypted PMs
  • Remove usage of safe navigation operator for old iOS compatibility

Chat Integration

UX Changes

  • Correct typo in Microsoft Teams channel config

Additional Fixes and Changes

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Bug Fixes

  • attempts to compensate for first line spacing with pre-line
  • prevents tweets to lose format in onebox
  • Bypass service worker on the SSO path
  • Navigate to topic/PM regardless of Shift key press
  • Handling of /p/### URLs within Ember
  • LOAD_PLUGINS=0 in dev/prod, warn in plugin:pull_compatible_all
  • Allow slug-less topic URLs to work within the same topic
  • Don’t display duplicated emoji in picker
  • Update recent emoji list when selecting from it
  • Don’t trigger topic_created event for reply posts via email.
  • Disable cast votes button for multiple polls with no min.
  • Regression in topic list kbd navigation
  • Append /all to URL if default list is ‘none’
  • Actually save fields on themes:update
  • Refresh logic in discovery topic lists
  • When composing a message do not suggest deleted posts users
  • New-topic feature was broken when ‘Default List Filter’ was set to ‘no subcategories’
  • When loading more topics, showFooter was not updated properly
  • Jittery topic progress on some window sizes
  • Clean flagged queue when response to flagged post deleted
  • Error when voting on a multiple poll without the min/max attrs.
  • Use font-down
  • Smaller pencil icon for edit tags
  • Hide user’s bio if profile is restricted
  • Small adjustments to topic progress position on desktop
  • Tone down admin dashboard critical problem messaging
  • Don’t allow NULL values for notification_level in category_users
  • Improve the way magnific popup is loaded
  • Uploads were broken in old Safari
  • Save draftSequence when it is 0
  • Predict draftSequence on draft save
  • SiteSetting.title was being polluted in StaticController
  • Gives composer options to post:highlight trigger
  • Remove length constraint of fancy_title in topics

UX Changes

  • Adjust invite and related form spacing
  • Change text of public_topic action code in login required sites.
  • Tweak emoji picker css
  • Updated “accept invite” error page
  • Prevent crawler view topic-list overflow
  • Better invite accept form
  • Post action spacing refactor & consistency
  • Improved invite accept page layout
  • Maximize the preview space in composer


  • Turn common test prefixes into contexts in topics_controller_spec
  • Make tests faster by prefabricating more things