2.9.0.beta9: Security fix, bug fixes and more

Security Update

This beta includes a security fix: ‘Email invitations to topics are not rate limited in some cases’

New Features

This release includes a number of additional smaller features, including:

  • Add image delete button in preview.
  • Add support for case-sensitive Watched Words
  • Add welcome topic cta banner

Even more!

But wait, there’s more! We do our best to highlight new features and changes for you, but there’s always too many changes to detail. For a full list of new features, bug fixes, UX improvements, and more, be sure to review the Additional Features and Fixes listed below.

Security Updates

This beta includes a security fix for issues reported by our community and HackerOne.

  • Limit email invitations to topic

Plugin improvements


New Features

  • Allow tagging & quick edit in encrypted PMs.


New Features

  • Add setting to limit number of linkbacks per post


New Features

  • Assign Status
  • Allow submitting the assign modal with ctrl+enter


New Features

  • Add the job_failures metric


New Features

  • Create new trigger pm_created for auto_responder script. (sponsored by Elastic) :tada:


Bug Fixes

  • Rename can_review to can_review_code


New Features

  • Force a rebuild when behind a specific discourse commit.


Bug Fixes

  • CSV report was missing dates


Bug Fixes

  • No longer need to override category params since the issue fixed in core.


New Features

  • Keyboard shortcut to toggle open/close of chat drawer
  • Respect ignoring / muting / blocking DM user preferences
  • Show status on the direct message users list
  • Show status next to avatar on chat messages

Bug Fixes

  • Restore/fix quote-in-topic and copy-quote features
  • Implements DeletedChatUser as a placeholder to deleted users
  • Staff can participate in private categories’ chat presence channels.
  • Fixes ios white screen without causing scroll jump
  • Don’t stage sent message if there are more to load.
  • Memberships order are username dependent
  • Prevents test failure in message mover spec
  • Enforces focus of composer after send
  • Removes ideal first channel logic from unfollowChatChannel
  • Moving memberships out of channel decorator
  • Allows messages’s owner to restore deleted message
  • Removes -webkit-overflow-scrolling
  • Calls vibrate only once when reacting
  • Various optimisations on mobile for live pane
  • Ensures even message with no avatar are tracked
  • Do not call throttled fn immediately to avoid missing update on fast resizing
  • Doesn’t include status when loading channels if user status is disabled in settings
  • Mark message as visible as soon as the first line appears in the viewport
  • Do not allow chat uploads if secure_media is enabled
  • Checks if notification has a title or lets router handle it
  • Mark message as visible when 60% is inside the viewport
  • Prevents crash when joining channel
  • Don’t corrupt users’ last read IDs.
  • Ensures chat notifications have a URL
  • Restores presence and displays it on sidebar
  • Ensures badge is showing uncategorized category
  • Fixes height regression on browse page
  • Prevents mutation of dm creator selected users
  • Sidebar direct messages are limited to 20
  • Adjust reply indicator spacing on iOS
  • Ensures membership query is not returning duplicates

UX Changes

  • Alignment member tab
  • Ensures drawer position is correct with small/closed topic composer
  • Increases max count of fetched public channels from 20 to 50
  • Matches scrollbar background with channels-list background
  • Adjust fullscreen height for the iPad iOS app
  • Skip sidebar additions if user has disabled chat
  • Avatar border chat
  • Prevents presence ring to move avatar
  • Adjust to fit composer on desktop, fix iPad layout
  • Slightly increases margin over tabs list
  • Tweaks info page
  • Tweaks to browse and members page
  • Chat-draft-channel-screen is already in a container with correct height


  • Prevents N+1 on public channels due to topic url

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • Update bootstrap mode notice to add invite and wizard links
  • Add welcome topic cta banner
  • Show status on post streams
  • Add image delete button in preview.
  • Track stats around failing scheduled jobs
  • Show SMTP response on admin email sent list and rearrange columns
  • Add support for case-sensitive Watched Words
  • Show user status on the user profile page

Bug Fixes

  • Destroy all posts when hard deleting topic
  • Swallow SSL errors when generating oneboxes
  • Broken onebox images due to url normalization bugs
  • Don’t raise an error if file not found in S3.
  • Make word watcher work with nil strings
  • The phpbbb import script was not parsing youtube tags
  • Prevents android keyboard to be hidden instantly on sk focus
  • Allow to add the same watched word with a different case
  • Properly log all internal job failures
  • Do not redeem expired invites on new user signup
  • Secondary more section links not marked as active
  • Handle actor not having preferences in UserCommScreener
  • Don’t memoize site setting in guardian
  • Scope memoization of category moderation per category
  • Show update banner only once on categories with subcategory lists
  • Unsubscribe from the /reviewable_counts channel when leaving the review-index route
  • Links incorrectly marked as active in Sidebar::MoreSectionLinks
  • Avoid usage of dig when looking for job class
  • Inject appEvents in ScreenTrack
  • Use default locale for footer of embedded topics
  • Do not overwrite top_menu site setting in wizard styling step
  • Bugs with year selector and erase button
  • Update word_watcher cache key following schema change
  • Wizard last step “corporate” was not saving changes
  • Bots could generate errors when slug generation method is encoded
  • Accept HEAD requests for mandrill webhook
  • Show bookmarks loading spinner correctly
  • Ensure all public topic-query options can be used via Ember
  • Ensure theme_uploads_local only has one / at beginning
  • Show button bar overflow on iPad & mobile
  • UserCommScreener filter acting user ID from target user IDs
  • Allow array values for custom fields in category params.
  • Ensure error handlers render correctly without preload_json

UX Changes

  • Add left sidebar toggle when sidebar enabled
  • Improve empty state copy on the activity/topics page
  • Display gap between tag sort options on PMs
  • Move About and FAQ links into secondary section in More… dropdown
  • Update register admin wizard page styles
  • Fix chat lock icon position and background
  • Account for iPad hub nav when calculating top
  • Move links in Sidebar footer under community section
  • Add ellipsis for long category names in category chooser dropdown
  • Change unrelated icon in the CTA Signup prompt
  • Remove count from more section links
  • Adjust sidebar margin to avoid composer height
  • Fix extra spacing for group metadata in user profile
  • Updated account activation page design
  • Add the TOS disclaimer to the invite signup
  • Only set user bookmarks loading state when loading
  • Sidebar appearance shouldn’t shrink fonts
  • Sidebar focus styles, remove hover for touch
  • Reduce number of links displayed in Community by default